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Friday Cat Blogging

Friday Cat Blogging: Battle Cat for PM!

If you’re in Canada, you’re probably already quite sick of all the election coverage on the news. And if you’re a Facebook contact of mine, you’re probably quite sick of all of my postings and links about it. But this link is full of cat, and not actually about the Canadian election, so that makes it all okay:

Is your Cat confused about the referendum on the voting system on the 5th May? (Youtube video)

I was vaguely aware that there was a referendum happening in the UK, but didn’t understand what it was about, so I’m glad the cats were there to educate me. But while I love gratuitous kitteh content, I can’t help but be saddened a bit by the fact that the same referendum isn’t happening in Canada.

If Canada’s federal voting system worked by Alternative Vote, then people would choose their first and second candidates, rather than the usual one, so that if your candidate had the lowest number of votes, your second choice would then get your vote and it would be re-tallied. No strategic voting necessary to ensure the dog doesn’t get the majority (if you are a cat, I mean).

It’s been interesting to see Casual Cat suddenly gain popularity over the Moderate Cat. I just hope, in our current system it doesn’t further split the cat vote, though it probably will.

(Note I’m not making value statements about the parties, it’s just that the video does a very good illustration of the election situation here in Canada, if you were to map the dog to right-wing politics and the cats to the left. Except that it’s missing Runaway Cat, of course.)

Friday Cat Blogging

Just one link for you: the Tumblr blog Writers and Kitties. Pictures of authors and their cats.

I suppose cats make better pets for writers than dogs, since they don’t require you to leave your desk. In fact, they prefer you to stay at your desk so they can jump up on it and knock papers over.

In any case I’m glad I’m all set to become the great novelist I sort of would like to be but don’t have the work ethic or, to be honest, imagination or talent for either.

Speaking of my fluffy bestseller starter kit, here’s a panorama of her view in daytime:

Panoramic view from my balcony

She seems to like it; there’s so much world to be snooty at.

Happy Friday everyone!

Even virtually, the cat gets more action than me

Oh look, she’s on ICanHasCheezburger. Not bad for a photo from 2005.

It’s probably for the best that she doesn’t care, I can’t give her the luxurious lifestyle expected of a celebrity.


Friday Cat Blogging: Video Hits

Been a while, eh? Truth be told I’m kind of sick of my cat. Working from home means I’m probably spending half my life right now with a cat on my lap or legs (when I’m sleeping). Absence makes the heart grow fonder, cat, so why don’t you fuck off for a bit?

This cat video is one of the best to come out in ages:

I believe I’ve had that exact same conversation, except without the face-slapping. They never really approved of that behaviour in Girl Guides.

Perhaps this blog just isn’t very educational, in which case I present you with a how-to guide for washing your cat:

“That is the sound of pleasure.” I first watched this on my iPhone in bed and my cat started jumping around trying to find the mewling cat. I bet it’s because she was so jealous from missing out on the fun.

I don’t get why it took scientists 3 years to figure out how cats drank water, but maybe the math was hard. I could always tell there was some crazy physics involved, especially since my cat’s incapable of drinking water quietly enough to not wake me in the middle of the night. I bet they drink this way just to spite us. Here’s an article if you haven’t read about it yet, and here’s some slow-mo video:

Most of you have seen this one already, but for the 2 of you who haven’t:

It’s like when you get a box of chocolates and there’s a second layer underneath! Except with kittens!

Note that the entirety of this post was written with the help of a feline lapwarmer. There was no point pushing her off, she just would’ve jumped back on anyways.

Friday Cat Blogging: OMG NEW SIMON’S CAT

I start packing this weekend, so I see this video as a PSA.

In less awesome news, I did hear a week or so ago of more violence against cats here in Kelowna, which makes the sticking-cats-in-a-sealed-container-in-the-sun from last month just seem kinda mean. I’m not going to link to the article or video, because the title is enough: “Cat mutilations now total three”. How do such people exist, who would treat animals so cruelly? I also heard about a local guy tying his dog to the back of his truck and driving at full speed. I really hope it’s not a trend.

My cat may complain about cruel treatment but don’t believe her. Obviously I am very obedient and comply when she puts her foot down.

Feline permission

Wednesday Cat-Blogging: “Minutes away from death”

It’s not the right cat-blogging day but screw it, I’m so angry about this I don’t know what to do with myself:

(Warning, the video footage is disturbing to those who love animals.)

To summarize, last week some asshat here in Kelowna stuck a mother cat and her 9 kittens in a large tupperware container, sealed the lid and put it out in the sun. Luckily someone walked by and found the container and saved the suffocating and hyperthermic cats in time. They all survived, but it’s still one of the shittiest examples of animal cruelty I have ever heard.

If they ever catch the person who did this, I’d like him/her to be put in a closed tupperware container out in 30C+ weather and see how they like that. That’s the least violent punishment I can think of.

Seriously, like it’s said in the video, there is no reason for people to kill their pets: they can be surrendered to the SPCA, no questions asked. According to my records, my cat was surrendered to the Grand Forks SPCA a few months before I got her. I almost wish I knew who had to give her up so I can thank them, as backwards as that may sound, because she is an awesome cat and I can’t imagine the last 5 years without her.

Sorry for the depressing content. But if you go hug your pet you’ll probably feel better real soon. Unless it’s a fish and you’ve just killed it.

Friday Cat Blogging: Big Band Version