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Same cat, same knees, different city

This blog is written by a 32-year-old database administrator named Gillian who moved from Vancouver to Kelowna, BC in August of 2009 for a job, which turned out to be a good idea because her cat likes it better here.

Now located in Vancouver again, hurray! And also no longer a DBA, but instead is starting a new job as a Tier 3 senior support “engineer” who can’t really call herself an engineer because this is Canada and they have rules.

The contents of this blog are rather silly and not the least bit educational so you should ask yourself why you are here and if you really want to spend your time reading this drivel. Especially if you hate cats, because the author thinks cats are awesome and often likes to annoy readers with photos and links in place of any original text.

Other common themes are photography, crochet, music, haircuts and anything inappropriate. There are copious amounts of swearing throughout this site because the author finds the intentional dropping of the F-bomb very freeing, and suggests you try it out at work sometime if you haven’t already.

The author did a talk once, at a conference, and it didn’t completely suck. She’s including it here because she’s proud of the fact that she didn’t pee herself onstage.

Far more interesting is the author’s cat, who’s perhaps the only redeeming value of this website and would be a much better writer if it gave a shit enough to bother:

Saturday afternoon chillin'

Complaints can be sent to gunson at gmail dot com.


  1. Valerie Bayers says:

    Hi Gillibean,
    I like this website. It’s really very kewl. You know….the older we get, the more I think about the past. And it’s funny, I was searching LimeWire not too long ago and started searching some “cool” music when we were in our “tweens”. I found NKOTB, Sir Mixalot, MC Hammer, and The Bangles. And that made me think of you. I will always attach you to the Bangles, because when we were in grade seven we went on a fieldtrip with your mom to Ladner. You both got out of the car, left me to sit there as you went to buy my birthday present. You came back shortly after with a small bag with a cassette inside. You had bought me The Bangles, and we proceeded to unwrap the shrink-wrap and stick it in your mom’s tape deck and we listened to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ and ‘In your Room’. Anyway, when I hear any Bangles music on the radio or elsewhere, I think about you. I just thought you should know that. I am glad to have known you for nearly 2 decades. :-) Friendship is like wine, it gets better with age. Anyway, take care of yourself & keep up the good work with this website, Gucci. Love, Vuarnet

  2. gotta love it says:

    I live in Kitimat looking up Kitimat and found this.
    Love it. Eyesore Kitimat…………..
    I have been here 243 years from Vancouver. I married had threee kids 16 17 and 19. Divorced the union pres of CAW-Alcan.
    I am going through Hell with it. I get the depression deal. Had to go back on them but don’t like the after effects.
    So, I am pleased to have your great website on hand .
    Power to you

  3. Kay Dennison says:

    Gillian — I was pleased to see your intelligent comment at Time Goes By.
    I have a hint for you when a disgruntled male calls you a b*tch. Just smile sweetly and say, I never said you could call me by my first name.” This old lady doesn’t suffer fools gladly and uses that on deserving sorts! lol

    You have a nice blog here. Nice to meet you!

  4. Ms G2
    I have fiends in the Kokoro Wreck Beach Butoh on the weekend ( should you be idle and want to be entertained /terrified by white-powdered dancers..

  5. ah I am to be condemned!! This is the correct URL –

  6. gilliebean says:

    Hello other Gillian of the friendship of barefooted Darren. Hello.

  7. gilliebean says:

    P.S. I like your cat.

  8. Samantha Seymour says:

    Hi, great blog! my name is Samantha, I live in Mexico and I was just looking for some things related to my baby daughter’s name when I found your blog… it’s fun! I read it all, and your cat is way beatiful! I just turned 30 on Dec. 5, I LOVE cats (have 3) and my 4.5 month-old baby name is Gillian, I’ve been once in Canada and I can tell I love that country… Regards!

  9. M says:

    Interesting read.
    Still the same old cynical Gill.
    I was actually thinking about getting a couple cats myself recently.
    Good to see you’re doing well!
    Take care.

  10. Tara.Jean says:


    The Nat and Drew morning show on 95CRAVE would love to have you on the show to talk about your involvement with the Underwear Affair!

    If you’re interested, contact me at:

    All the very best!

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