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Friday Cat Blogging: Pterodactyl Cats

I had this odd group conversation at work today where one guy mentioned that there’s a confirmed case of a cat getting H1N1, so here’s another thing to freak out about. I’m happy to hear that the cat recovered, along with its ownersdomestic staff, though as it says in the bottom of that article, two ferrets (and no dogs) have died from the virus.

More toes!I think the conversation then drifted briefly onto ferrets and someone suggested that maybe the reason why they were affected by the virus was because they were rather humanlike in behaviour already, such as their ability to grab things in their paws. I then mentioned the existence of polydactyl cats, some of which have that same grasping ability due to their “opposable thumbs”; but the guys thought I’d made it up until I produced pictures like this one (though at first they did wonder if it was photoshopped).

I guess people in Kelowna don’t ever see polydactyl cats. Huh. Maybe there’s a market for them here since they’re so exotic; too bad the cat whose feet are in the picture above was fixed years ago. One workmate, perhaps in the excitement of having discovered a new life form, kept referring to these cats as “pterodactyl cats”, and refused to be corrected because he liked his name better.

Of course, since the internet is omnipotent and complete in all universal knowledge a google search on “pterodactyl cats” produces actual results, one which is a Yahoo Answers page where the person means polydactyl but is stupid since you automatically become stupid once you post a question on Yahoo Answers, if you weren’t already. Another link is a Youtube video of a cat making scary noises. Oh, and here’s a picture of a cat and a pterodactyl, despite the fact that’s not really a pterodactyl.

I don’t know if I mentioned before that one of my workmates has a cat that likes to be spanked, but I have been spanking kitties since I moved here. Someday I should make a video because it is silly. It’s also a bit disturbing, though, how much the cat likes it, so I feel dirty afterwards. Then I come home and try it on my cat and she leaps away in horror. Typical that you’d only get that kind of pussy with a stranger.


  1. I visited the polydactyl cat decedents of Hemingway’s polydactyl kitties in Key West I think it is the largest colony of said multi-toed cats in the world.

  2. David Gasson says:

    Massive groan for the pun, Gill.

  3. Gillian says:

    @Steven I had heard of that old home of Hemingway’s and all the cats that live there and the abundance of cat toes. I’m sure I would check it out if I ever went there.

    @Dave Tough crowd.

  4. Chrissy says:

    Both our cats like to be spanked, but the cat has a hard time admitting it. He’s all happy, but makes really funny growley noises. Redd loves it all the time! It’s weird.

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  6. katby simonsen says:

    I love pterodactyl cats. I have one and trust me when he swipes at you he don’t miss.

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