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Friends you may know because of other friends

Facebook’s People You May Know feature keeps asking me if I know this guy, who probably doesn’t remember me but who I remember as he whom my best friend in high school deflowered when he was in Grade 10 (and she in 12, the cradle-robber). But it’s not through this former best friend that Facebook made this connection (as we no longer talk) but through other mutual acquaintances, and not from high school.

Flickr recently showed me pictures of some guy I had a very short fling with in 2001 and hadn’t seen since, but who now seems to hang out with other people I vaguely know.

The sex-degrees-of-separation situation is freaking me out, yo. It’s sort of like we’ve all slept with each other, but indirectly. Was I good?

On a less gross note, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised but it does sometimes confuse me to see which of my friends know other friends of mine, and not through me. Like, some classmates from Grade 8 in Kitimat know my classmates from Grades 9-12 in Vancouver. Note high school was the early 90s, so this was a while ago. Or musician friends know my computer nerd friends. What happened to the cliques, damnit? I need to keep everyone compartmentalized.

I’d like to think that these people get together in their pairs and small groups and share heartwarming anecdotes about me over tea and scones, but paranoia sort of ruins that image for me anyways. Most likely they don’t know the mutual connection, or they do but I mean so little to their daily lives that I was never brought up in conversation at all. Better that than them getting together and bitching about how much I suck, though, which is always a possibility, however slight I’d like to think it is.

It is a small world, or more likely, a small city. Of over 2 million people.


  1. Gill's Dad says:

    It’s two decades since I completed my M.SC. in Comp Sci. I wish I could claim that Gill has my talent, but she has more (certainly in the field of stick-to-it-ness) – perhaps that comes from the other side.

    I was pleased today to read her use of “clique” and that I can still remember it’s technical meaning.

  2. Patricia says:

    Gill, your dad is funnier than my dad…

  3. GS says:

    “Clique” is the sound mice make in France.

  4. Gill's Dad says:

    Thanks, Patricia, but I wasn’t trying to be funny, not even droll. It must just leek out!!

  5. Kimli says:

    My ex from Victoria keeps showing up in strange places – he was at Northern Voice. It freaked me out.

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