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Interactive stockings are in this season

Quilted Christmas Stocking from Mom

I received a parcel from Mom this week. In it were some Christmas-related items, as ’tis the season, almost. I’d mentioned my fondness for a particular decoration last winter, and she sent it along.

Also included in the box were some dangling blinking lightbulb earrings (in red). I’ll be sure to annoy the hell out of my office mates when I wear them later next month.

But the best thing I received from Mom is this ornamental stocking she quilted for me. If you click on the image, it’ll take you to the Flickr page where I’ve annotated it to show off Mom’s super fabric modding skills. There’s the snowman you press to hear White Christmas play, the other snowman that blinks lights when you press it, a little bird glued on, and awesome 3D effects achieved through the latest in quilting technology, as examples. And I didn’t even write on the picture everything she did to it; I left out the fabric paint, the glittery thread…

Nothing says Christmas like blinking lights and digitally-canned Christmas carols (though Irving Berlin tunes don’t really count as such, I know).

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